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Sustainable Future

At Impact Selector, the pillars of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy define the way we manage our business and are embedded in our Culture. Each and every day, throughout our organization, we strive to deliver economic value while respecting and uplifting our employees, our customers, our investors and the communities where we live and work. We accomplish this by embracing our foundational core values of integrity, motivation, persistence, accountability, customer focus, teamwork with a priority of reducing our customers emissions and CO2evoidance™.

Strategic Innovation: CO2evoidance™

At the heart of ISI is strategic innovation. We take pride in our investments in research, design and engineering that focus on delivering products that lower cost, reduce risk, increase safety and importantly, reduce carbon emissions and CO2evoidance™ for our customers. With the support of our talented team of technicians, engineers, and support staff, as well as our senior leadership and our Board of Directors, we will continue to drive innovation while delivering a positive impact on the environment and in the communities we share.
Our core downhole product portfolio, which includes fit-for-purpose tools that generate impact forces, controlled separation, friction reduction and capture downhole data for decision optimization, enables the CO2evoidance of an estimated 150,000 man-hours per year for our customers globally, equivalent to 10,000-15,000 metric tons of CO2.

We embrace this opportunity to deliver our customers the technical and operational solutions that reduce actual emissions and participate in CO2evoidance strategies, planning and operations that meet our collective ESG objectives.

Sustainability Commitments

Our ESG framework extends well beyond our own operations. While we will continue to deliver economic value through innovating and operating products that reduce emissions and improving our own global environmental footprint, we are also devoted to our social impact in our local communities.  We are passionate about developing our future leaders, engaging in community service, and working with charities .

We’re committed to the long-term sustainability of our business and the environment and look forward to continuing to serve our customers, employees, stakeholders, and communities in an environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible manner.

Our ESG Pillars

Economic Value

Stakeholder Value
Organic Business Scale
Strategic Innovation / R&D
Continuous Improvement

Social Involvement

Developing Competency & Skills
Health & Safety
Community & Charity
Working Conditions

Environmental Sustainability

Internal Emissions Reduction
External Emissions Avoidance
Vendor Accountability
Investments in Offset Projects


Board & Stakeholders
Management & Employee Diversity
GlESG Committee
FCPA Compliance

Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing the GHG Protocol and the Environmental Protection Agency’s framework for greenhouse gas inventories, ISI has established a carbon emissions goal of maintaining Net Zero across Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions classes for the fiscal 2021 period and beyond. To accomplish this, ISI is focusing on: (i) investing in energy-efficient technologies across its vehicles and facilities; (ii) reducing emissions from employee commuting, business travel, and freight; (iii) promoting customer and vendor accountability and transparency; and (iv) investing in carbon sequestration and offset projects that reduce greenhouse gasses in regions where ISI operates.

Social Involvement: ISI is passionate about its positive societal contribution, health and safety programs, and the development of future leaders with a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. ISI will continue to remain culturally responsive and engage in community service by partnering with local organizations to generate social value through positive investments, organized volunteer work and charitable donations.

Governance: ISI has established a Global ESG Committee to maintain transparency, business ethics, and diversity amongst all stakeholders with accountability and measurement of the Sustainability Strategy and the Company’s practices and policies. Further, ISI is adopting key performance metrics tied directly to achievement of its ESG goals and objectives as part of overall compensation programs, supported by accountable leaders, business ethics, diversity throughout the organization, and promoting advocacy and audit of the Company’s targets and metrics. Through routine reporting, ISI will track its ESG performance consistent with many of the industry-leading ESG metrics and benchmarks.

Economic Value: ISI’s products and services are critically important to its customers’ sustainable operations, and the global demand for increased access to affordable, clean energy amidst the energy transition. In order to expand its ability to positively impact its internal and external constituents, ISI will remain committed to delivering operational, financial and environmental stakeholder value. The Company will regularly evaluate opportunities to achieve innovation, growth and further business scale, and also employ a model of continuous organizational improvement across all facets of its business.

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