Pump Down

Impact Selector introduces monitoring and flexibility to pump down operations. See real time cable head tension. Use addressable release tools for multi-stage perforating, or single safety release. And free stuck toolstrings even in the horizontal with a ballistic jar. Combine all of these tools in one string to take greater control.


Real time, downhole, wireline tension measurement to help prevent pump-off, stuck tool strings and expensive fishing operations.

Outside Diameter

1.688 in / 42.86 mm
2.125 in / 53.98 mm
2.75 in / 69.85 mm

Made-up Length

2.46 ft / 0.75 m
2.3 ft / 0.70 m
2.20 ft / 0.67 m


12.6 lbs / 5.7 kgs
24.5 lbs / 11.1 kgs
33.5 lbs / 15.2 kgs

Upper Connection

1-3/16-12 UN Box
1-3/16-12 UN Box
1-5/8—6 ACME Pin

Lower Connection

1-3/16-12 UN Pin
1-3/16-12 UN Pin
1-5/8—6 ACME Box

Maximum Tension

10,000 lbf

Maximum Compression

2,000 lbf


5 lbf

Sampling Rate

10 Hz

Pressure Rating

20,000 psi

Temperature Rating

350°F / 175°C

Axial Shock (g,ms)

5000, 1.0

Maximum Tensile Load

100,000 lbf

Maximum Moment Force

100,000 lbf*

Max. Pass Through Voltage

600 Vdc*‡

Operating Voltage

20 to 50 Vdc**

Current Draw

35 mA

*Measured at Lower Connection

**Polarity is configured to be compatible with perforating switch system used.

*‡Pass through voltage of 600V is only applicable when the SMART Sens Tension Sub is NOT powered on. When the SMART Sens Tension Sub is powered on, usually during logging, the MAX line voltage that should be applied is 150 VDC.


  • Accurately measures real time tension, compression line voltage, and internal tool temperature.

  • Plug and Play—no special panels or hardware required.

  • Compatible with Warrior System and commercial perforating switches.

  • No field calibration required.

  • No internal seals or parts to maintain API RP-67 compliance.


    • Maximizes pumpdown efficiency and speed.

    • Minimizes lost time and fishing risk.

    • Deploy longer perforating guns in deviated wells.

    • Verifies plug setting and release.

    • Eliminates uncertainty when activating a cable release device.

      Impact Selector’s SMART Sens is a wireline tension monitoring device which maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk during challenging wireline operations. SMART Sens provides a real time downhole cable tension measurement which eliminates uncertainty and gives the operator increased control.

      Maintaining safe cable tension downhole is challenging in highly deviated and lateral wells because surface measurements do not account for friction. If the cable tension is allowed to become too low, then slack cable and released torque can cause cable damage. If the tension is allowed to become too high, during pump down operations for example, the weak point can be unintentionally broken. Increased visibility of downhole events such as plug setting and perforating guns firing can be valuable also where surface tension readings are inconclusive.

      The SMART Sens is a robust and proven tool which is straightforward to use in the field. “Plug and Play’ compatibility with Warrior means that many service companies can use this tool directly with no additional surface equipment.


      Spitfire™ Release Tool

      Versatile release tool for use anywhere in a tool string to reliably release the downhole tools if the tool string becomes stuck in the wellbore.

      Outside Diameter

      2.125 in/ 53.98 mm
      2.75 in / 69.85 mm

      Made-up Length

      29.625 in / 752.48 mm
      32 in / 813 mm


      22.3 lbs / 10.12 kgs
      38 lbs / 17 kgs


      1-3/16” - 12 UN (GO A)
      1-5/8” - 6 Acme (GO B)

      Fishing Method

      2.125” in Overshot
      2.75 in Overshot

      Pressure Rating

      25,000 psi / 172.4 MPa
      25,000 psi / 172.4 MPa

      Temperature Rating

      350°F / 175°C
      (explosives limited*)
      350°F / 175°C
      (explosives limited*)

      Tensile Strength

      50,000 lbs / 45,000 kgs
      100,000 lbs / 45,000 kgs

      Shock Rating (g)

      5000, 3 axis minimum
      5000, 3 axis minimum

      Maximum Moment Force (lb-ft)


      Max. Pass Through Voltage

      600 Vdc
      600 Vdc

      Max. Pass Through Current

      3 Amps
      3 Amps

      *Refer to explosives datasheet. Be careful to not exceed 300°F with RDX. HMX boosters are available.

      **Measured at center of tool. May vary due to field connections.


      • BallisticFrangible Joint based tool

      • Hightensile rating

      • Compatible with Warrior Well Logging System

        • Compatible with addressable and percussion switches

        • Retrievable Head using conventional fishing overshot or internal spear


        • Intended for use with jars in high impact / perforating environments.

        • Unlimited number of release tools can be positioned anywhere in the tool string to mitigate risk.

        • Low maintenance – 350 runs prior to full redress

        • Easy in field maintenance – less than 10 minutes

          For oilfield operators and service providers running wireline and perforating technologies in horizontal or highly deviated wells, where there is a high risk that the tool string could get stuck and wire could break, the Spitfire™ Release Tool is a wireline ballistic release technology that provides are liable option for detaching from the stuck tool string on command using a frangible joint.

          Unlike other wireline release technologies which are less reliable due to weaker, pressure activated release mechanisms that routinely result in unintended releases, the Spitfire™ incorporates a high strength frangible joint that requires booster detonation and will not release on loss of pressure containment of the tool string.

          The high tensile strength of the Spitfire™ Release Tool makes it suitable for use in high impact perforating environments and allows it to be placed anywhere in the tool string, even below perforating guns and in conjunction with jars.

          The Spitfire Release tool ensures that the cable is retrieved out of the hole each time, mitigating the risk of stuck tools and expensive fishing operations.

          Spitfire Release Tool Performs Flawlessly in Greaseless Wireline Campaign

          Spitfire saves time and expense in recovery process.

          Download Case Study A4
          Download Case Study US


          HI Jar

          The Horizontal Impact Jar is a zero cable tension wireline Jar designed to be used in horizontal wells where conventional jarring tools cannot be deployed.

          Outside Diameter

          3.125 in / 79.38 mm

          Made-up Length

          61 ft / 1.55 m


          102 lbs / 46.3 kgs

          Position in String

          Anywhere in the wireline string,
          Sequential firing required

          Upper Connection

          1-5/8" - 6 ACME (GO B)

          Lower Connection

          1-5/8" - 6 ACME (GO B)

          Fishing Strength

          110,000 lbf

          Impact Force

          1-150 k / lbf
          Surface selectable

          Power Stroke

          8.75 / 222 in / mm

          Pressure Rating

          25,000 / 172.4 psi / MPa

          Max Temperature Rating

          400°F / 200°C
          (detonator limited)

          Min Temperature Rating

          -13°F / -25°C

          Axial Shock (g,ms)

          5000 G

          Max. Pass Through Voltage

          1000 Vdc

          Max. Pass Through Current

          3 A


          • Provides a predictable jarring force up to 150,000lbs.

          • Surface selectable Jar force.

          • Standard addressable perforating switch telemetry with electrical pass-through capabilities.

            • Fishing strength: 110klbf.


            • Hi Jar™ provides high downhole impact at any deviation.

            • The impact will break all plug setting tool shear pins.

            • Detonator can be replaced in minutes due to split ring design.

              The HI Jar™ is a single time intensive gathered energy Horizontal Jar that provides a single jarring force to a stuck tool string.

              Designed to provide a high intensity jarring force in long horizontals where wireline cable tension is not available, the HI Jar™ serves as insurance to break a faulty plug setting tool shear pin, or free a stuck perforating gun.

              It accomplishes this by storing energy in a vacuum chamber that is released using a standard detonator. The wellbore fluid pressure accelerates a piston (and the upper tool string) upward before hitting a hard stop, shocking the lower tool string upward.

              The HI Jar™ will ensure that a stuck tool string is retrieved from the hole each time, preventing stuck tool strings, and expensive fishing operations.


              Relative Bearing Tool (RBT)

              Real time, downhole perforating string roll and inclination measurement for orientation and well quality assurance.

              Outside Diameter

              2.75 in / 69.9 mm

              Connections Pin / Box

              1-5/8” - 6 ACME

              Maximum Temperature

              350°F / 175°C

              Maximum Pressure

              20,000 psi / 138 MPa

              Make Up Length

              18 in / 457 mm


              23 lbs / 5.4 kg

              Thru Wire (single)

              600 V

              Operating Voltage

              20 V - 50 V

              Current Draw

              35 mA

              Shock Rating

              5000 g, 1.0 ms


              • High resolution accelerometers.

              • Plug and Play - no special panels or hardware required.

              • Compatible with Warrior System and commercial perforating switches.

                • Simple field calibration

                • Ballistic service complaint


                • Accurately measures real-time roll inclination

                • Understand orientation prior to the shot

                • Service integration within Reel-Time Data Series allows selection of additional sensors for operational assurance, including head tension/compression, pressure, and temperature.

                  Relative Bearing Tool is a ballistic-rated wireline real-time data measurement device that verifies downhole toolstring orientation.

                  The high resolution, solid state3 axis accelerometers provide the industry's most straight forward measurement for validating gun orientation prior to initiating gun firing, thereby allowing time for gun repositioning and/or understanding the actual shot direction, giving you a whole new level of control.

                  As oriented perforating becomes more important, especially where fiber lines and alignment is critical, the Relative Bearing Tool gives you insight on where to perforate PRIOR to the shot.

                  RBT Used to Determine Optimum Configuration

                  Obtaining alignment accuracy in the preferred direction with the Relative Bearing Tool.

                  Download Case Study US

                  Understanding Perforation Orientation in Real-Time Using Innovative Relative Bearing Tool

                  A new level of diagnostic technology for the evaluation of oriented perforating.

                  Download White Paper US


                  Pre-job modeling identifies risk and risk reduction strategies.


                  • Diagram or hole size.

                  • Deviation survey.

                  • Fluids / gases in the well.

                  • Pressures and Temperatures.


                    • Length of each individual tool.

                    • Weight of each individual tool.

                    • Outer Diameter of each individual tool.

                      Cable Type:

                      • Nominal OD.

                      • Weight in air.

                      • Breaking Strain.

                      • Stretch Coefficient.

                        Tool Specifics:

                        • Target depth.

                        • Operational goals.

                        • Operational limitations.

                          As an integral part of Impact Selector’s Intelligent Conveyance Solutions, pre-job modeling provides the service company and operator with insights into optimum tool string design, wire selection and other operational fundamentals.

                          The results of pre-job modelling such as availability of overpull at target depth can be used to calculate the best setting for an open or cased hole wireline jar to avoid accidental firing when pulling out of hole, but ensure the jar will fire before maximum pull at surface is reached.

                          Impact Selector has conducted in-house testing to measure the friction reduction capabilities of our Roller Bogie and I-Wheel tools when strategically placed along any wireline tool string. When the results of these tests are combined with the ability to reduce the resistive frictional forces of independent tools in a computer model the output clearly demonstrates and quantifies the benefits of roller systems.